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At Vibrant Health Chiropractic, Dr. Robles takes a full body approach to healing. He know that it is almost impossible to affect one part of the body without also affecting other parts. For this reason, his full body approach deals with the spine, extremities, nervous system, muscles and nutritional elements in order to create effective and lasting results. It is great for people of all ages and body types - from babies to seniors, pregnant women, athletes, office employees, and anyone who wishes to regain and/or retain health. Under the right conditions, the human body can heal itself from almost anything. Chiropractic adjustments create the conditions necessary for a person's innate ability of self-healing to take place.

About the Doctor...

Dr. Michael Robles cares about two things when it comes to caring for his patients: identifying the issue and what he can do to help eliminate that issue. In addition to providing chiropractic adjustments, he has extensive knowledge regarding the latest information on neurology, nutrition, and exercise, and will provide specific instructions to his patients when necessary.

As a youth, Dr. Robles was fortunate to grow up in a health-conscious household where movement and proper nutrition were seen as a necessary part of life. He received his first adjustment at the age of one and continued to get adjusted here and there. At the age of 12 he began regular adjustments because of a sports injury. After that resolved, he continued to get maintenance care. He believes it is because of chiropractic that he heals quickly from injuries and has remained relatively pain-free. Because of this experience, he decided to make a career of being a chiropractor and share the same health and wellness with others. 

After receiving his degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in biomechanics from San Francisco State University, Dr. Robles went to Life Chiropractic College West to pursue his chiropractic career. He began his chiropractic career in 2017 and has since had the pleasure of helping thousands of people in the bay area from all walks of life and all ages. He learned as many techniques as possible in order to being to handle any health situation that walks into his office. He has been able to help all types of people from children, athletes, pregnant women, office workers, and manual laborers, and from ages of just 2 days old all the way to 98 years old. It is because of the diversity of patients he has had experience with that caused him to develop his unique adjustment-style and approach. 


In his spare time he enjoys many hobbies and activities and believes that life is meant for enjoyment. He regularly explores nature in our state parks and practices yoga to keep his body moving. He played competitive golf for many years and still gets out recreationally as often as he can. During the winter you can find him cruising down the slopes on a snowboard in the Tahoe mountains in his free time. He also regularly plays tennis and rock climbs around the Bay Area. He enjoys keeping his mind active by reading books and meditating, and occasionally finds a creative outlet in painting. But his greatest passion is spreading the joy of health through chiropractic. 


If you or anybody you know can benefit from experiencing a healthier quality of life, contact the office today and schedule a healing session!


Initial Visit (includes: exam, consultation, adjustment) - $95 ($125 if xray is needed)

Initial Visit, Child (includes: exam, consultation, adjustment) - $95

Single Adjustment - $70

Single Adjustment, Child - $55

Also available: Multiple visit packages and monthly subscription plans that significantly reduce the cost per visit. Please see below on the "About" page, call 925-404-4240 or email to find out more information.  


Health Insurance - to find out if your insurance covers care at our office, call your provider and ask if your policy covers out of network chiropractic care.


Personal Injury (PI) CasesIf you have recently been involved in a car accident, especially if you are not at fault, you are likely eligible to open a 'Personal Injury Case'. This will put the cost of any necessary chiropractic treatment on the at-fault driver's insurance. There are, however, many nuances. Please call 925-404-4240 to discuss if you may qualify for a Personal Injury Case. Our office also has worked with excellent Personal Injury lawyers and can put you in contact with one if you are unable to find one yourself. 

Packages and Monthly Subscriptions

Recovery Package: $420 (this includes 12 visits and is meant to be used within 10 weeks, or a timeline chosen by the doctor, in order to get you better quickly and effectively by relieving symptoms and creating long-lasting effects)

Wellness Subscription: $160/month (this includes 4 visits per month and is meant to keep you healthy with regular chiropractic visits)

Wellness Subscription Lite: $100/month (this includes 2 visits per month and is meant to keep you healthy with regular chiropractic visits)

6-visit Package: $390 (this includes 6 visits that can be used any time within a year from purchase)

12-visit Package: $700 (this includes 12 visits that can be used any time within 15 months from purchase)

6-visit Child Package: $275 (this includes 6 visits for a child under 18 years that can be used anytime within a year from purchase)

12-visit Child Package: $480 (this includes 12 visits for a child under 18 years that can be used anytime within 15 months from purchase)

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